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"We are building a platform that will help people trade their time and not spent money. Finding the right person to help you with a skill can be the difference between mastering or abandoning it."

Omar Shams, Founder

How does Swyvl work?

Perhaps you’ve been finding it challenging to learn a new skill alone? Maybe that new years resolution is something you don’t have the funds for?

Introducing… SWYVL. The skill trading platform where you can trade your skills for time.

20 Great Icebreaker Questions to Ask People You’ve Just Met

Meeting new people is an exciting part of life. We can create lifelong friendships from a simple conversation, but sometimes it’s hard to get talking. Icebreaker questions are the way to go! We’re not talking about “Come here often?” but prompting genuine, interesting conversation and avoiding any awkward silences when you have nothing to say to each other. 

If you’ve met through a mutual hobby, you’ve automatically got something to talk about, but it can dry up after a while. Because of this, talking to new people can be anxiety-inducing for some people. Our advice when meeting new people? Just be yourself! 

20 Great Icebreaker Questions When Meeting New People

Being authentic is the best way to make friends: pretending to be someone else isn’t a good idea, as you’ll have to maintain that persona for your entire friendship, which could be years. Even if you think you’re awkward and weird, other people are too, and they’ll find it endearing! So, check out our icebreakers and see which you like the most, and perhaps they’ll inspire you to come up with some of your own. 

  1. Are you a dog or a cat person? Do you have a pet?

A controversial question! If you’re an animal lover, this is a prime opportunity to see cute pet photos and find out all about them!

  1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Some people love staying up until the early hours and staying in bed until 11 am; others can’t wait to get up and start their day. 

  1. What’s your favourite sandwich?

Prawn mayo, BLT, egg mayo, or something completely different?

  1. Can you play an instrument? What would you like to learn?

Perhaps you’ll discover you’re talking to a skilled violinist, or they’ve always dreamed of playing guitar in a band.

  1. If you were a superhero, what superpower would you want to have?

Invisibility, superstrength, cloning, flight?

  1. What’s your favourite season and why?

Do you prefer the cold, snowy winters or scorching summers?

  1. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?

Go ahead and share your silly bone-breaking stories: reckless kids break bones doing ridiculous things, which can be a hilarious way to bond if you were one of them!

  1. What languages can you speak? Which would you like to learn?

Maybe your new possible friend is a polyglot who can speak fluent Spanish and Italian! Or perhaps you’re both learning Japanese, and you can chat about your struggles. 

  1. Would you want to live on Mars if you could? 

A free trip to a terraformed Mars? Yay or nay? Maybe it’s a one-way ticket!

  1. What’s your earliest memory?

This is a really interesting question to ask as some people can remember really early memories, and others are blank until their later childhood!

  1. Do you have any unconventional hobbies?

Perhaps they like skydiving every weekend, glass blowing, refereeing, or blacksmithing!

  1. What’s your coolest scar?

If you’ve got a neat scar story, this can be an interesting thing to bond over! 

  1. If you could learn one new skill, what would it be?

Maybe you’d like to start practicing yoga? Cooking? Crafts? Writing?

Here’s our opportunity for cheeky self-promotion; check out Swyvl if you want to trade your skills with others!

  1. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Some people love experimenting with food, whether it’s jellied eels or insects. A parent’s terrible cooking might have tortured others!

  1. Do you prefer hot or cold breakfasts?

Hot pancakes, a takeaway egg muffin meal, or cereal?

  1. What’s your ideal day off?

Maybe they’d like a long lie-in, an entire day of gaming, and a takeaway in the evening. Or perhaps they’re an early bird who prefers an active day of hiking!

  1. What was your dream job as a child? 

Every kid has aspirations for their futures: many want to be vets, doctors, firefighters, or police officers. Did they go into the profession they dreamed of?

  1. Starter or dessert?

You can only choose one to go with your main meal! Cheese fondue or cheesecake?

  1. Who’s your favourite artist/band?

Maybe you both like obscure music, and it’s something to bond over. You can share gig stories and playlists, too!

  1. Chinese or Indian food?

Many family arguments happen while choosing between these two cuisines on a Friday night! This icebreaker is an awesome opportunity to bond over food and chat about your favourite dishes if you’re a foodie.

Bonus controversial icebreaker: Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?

Icebreakers are an amazing way to get to know someone and feel at ease. Having a few of these up your sleeve can make conversation effortless. Have fun!

Want to try out your icebreakers while learning a new skill? Swyvl is the skill sharing platform that helps you make friends and learn new skills.