Trade your skills & time, not money.

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Swyvl is the home for those wanting to use their skills as currency. We’re only accepting 1000 founding members. Psst… there will be perks along the way

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Pick the skills you want to share and learn

Choose what you are good at and what you feel like you can share with others. Don’t be too shy about it! After that pick the skills you want to get introduced to.

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Match with a skill buddy

Swyvl will match you with a suitable skill buddy that needs what you can share and has the knowledge you are looking for! Sometimes we may match you with someone that is not the perfect fit, and that’s why we have the hour bank.

We are building a platform that will help people connect with and learn from others. Finding the right person to help you with a skill can be the difference between mastering or abandoning it.

Omar Shams, Founder

How does Swyvl work?

Perhaps you’ve been finding it challenging to learn a new skill alone? Maybe that new years resolution is something you don’t have the funds for?

Introducing… SWYVL. The skill sharing platform where you can trade your skills and meet new people with a few swipes.

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